Friends of Percheron Park

offer you the opportunity to help fund the building of Percheron Park
and become part of Moorestown's history.

With your contribution, you may permanently honor family members, loved ones, pets, an organization, group, club, business, etc. in Percheron Park.

  • $10,000 - Percheron Horse Statue (10 opportunities)
  • $5,000 - Park Bench (4 opportunities)
  • $4,000 - Historic Marker (2 opportunities)
  • $2,500 - Park Landscaping (10 opportunities)
  • $1,000 - Large impression in stone wall cap (unlimited opportunities to purchase)
  • $500 - Medium impression in stone wall cap (unlimited opportunities to purchase)
  • $250 - Small impression in stone wall cap (unlimited opportunities to purchase)

Contributions of any amount will be appreciated and recognized.

If you or your company would like to become a principal donor, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

To donate securely online just click our Donate button or, if you prefer regular mail, our address is shown below.


Donations accepted at:
Friends of Percheron Park 
P.O. Box 153 
Moorestown, NJ 08057


Percheron Park Donation Levels


 Our Generous Contributors:



Baird & Margo Foster

The Garrison Family

Stephen T. Smith and the Family, in memory of Betsy R. Smith 



Lori Clark 

Dubrow Foundation 

Walter Schweikert

Moorestown Business Assoc. 



Historic Marker 



Park Landscaping 


Large Impression 

Ann Condon

Laura Maines 


Medium Impression 

Gina Zegel 

Julie & Nick Maravich 

Maria & Alexander Poulathas 


Linda & Louis Vizi  

Ann & Mark Baiada

Dr. Donna & Timothy Graziano-Wilcox

Audrey Shinn Interiors 

Lonnie & Jeffrey Tait 

The Iredale Family

Moorestown Lions Club

Glenn & Molly Henkel/Kirkpatrick

Historical Society of Moorestown


Small Impression 

Kathy Logue 

Ann & Gilbert Langerhans 

Michael & Mary Mann 

George Arnold  

Morrone & Kaye 

George Faulkner & Helen Anderson 

Susan & Wayne Mammarella/Urffer 

Indian Springs Questers, Joyce Connell 

Patricia & Chester Dawson 

William & Annette Emerson 

Florent & Andrea Moise 

Pamela Volzone 

Stanley & Donna Kolodziejczak 

Robert & Louise Langerhans 

Samuel & Kathleen Carswell  (CA) 

LaVan Family 

Maryliz Clark 

C. DeWitt Peterson

Women’s Club of Moorestown 

Baird & Margo Foster 

Betty Carol Barlyn  (NY) 

Reeh Family 

Jay Milling Family  (England) 

Percheron Horse Assoc. Amer. (Ohio)

R. Kevin Chumney

Linda P. Cavaney

Ed & Shirley Armstead

The Kiessling Family

Allen & Rhonda Nicholson

Sally & Richard Corbin

Kyler Foster

Preston Foster

Patricia and Alfred Basilicato

Carl's Shoes 


Other Contributors

Joseph & Margaret McErlean

Joseph Neal 

Susan & William Acheson 

Nancy Paolin 

Dr. Kim Achilly 

Joseph & Patricia Finio 

Lois Janney & Bill Rose 

Stephen Dillon 

Gretchen Birdsall 

Tom & Carol Morgan 

Dawn Bohr 

Madelon Paglee  

Kenneth & Joyce Peacock 

John Mastran 

Joan & Richard Schwarz 

John & Karen Halligan 

Schall & Barasch LLC 

Louise & Gordon Marshall 

Ann & Alfred T Driscoll 

C. Moore 

John Gibson 

Lynne S. Brill 

Robert & Polly Graham 

Robert Massa 

Mark Hines

O. McCormick

C DeWitt Peterson 

Ada Duffin 

Marjorie Gorman

Kathrine Smith

Jay Hartman

Pamela Grimme

Rebecca Miller 

Tom & Kitty Bottalico

Inna & Yuri Nikolyukin

Virginia Sheppard

Dr. Nancy E. Lane

Sarah and James Armstrong